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The HUD tracks a variety of poker statistics. Below is an explanation of the different statistics available in the HUD . Once you are familiar with the meaning of the statistics and abbreviations, you can use them as a tool in your game.

Poker HUD (Heads Up Displays) Stats for Beginners -… Pre Flop Poker HUD Stats. • VPIP- Voluntary Put In Pot. This stat tells us how often someone puts money into the pot pre flop without being forced to.This stat can be used with WSD to give us a very good idea on the strength of hands they take to showdown. We can adjust our bet sizing and go for... Holdem Manager [расшифровка статов] | Подслушано | Покер WSD - Went to ShowDown (%) - доход до вскрытия - процент сдач, в которых игрок смотрел флоп и дошел до вскрытия. Еще одна важная характеристика, позволяет оценить лузовость/тайтовость противника после префлопа. Средняя величина - 32%, диапазон 27-38%. Отслеживание статистики в онлайн покере, выбор стола...

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Understanding Showdown Statistics (video) - Poker In a Box Here is a highlight from a session I did with one of my student on showdown statistics. Reading the showdowns stats correctly can save you a big call on the river/making hero fold or making a hero call (vs agro stats). This video is a glimpse of how to use those stats in game and how to combine different stats to make better decisions (vpip, pfr, showdown, cbet). Showdown percentage - Cash Games - CardsChat™ This is a discussion on Showdown percentage within the online poker forums, in the Cash Games section; I've been playing 18 or 27 seat S&G play money tournaments on PokerStars. One thing I've ... Help with went to showdown percentage | No Limit ... Hi guys, I wanted to share a problem i have with you and see if you can help me solve it. The last two months i noticed an increasing tendency to my WTSD stat that from 28% that it was for a long time (100k hands) has been an issue the last 90k hands by being 30,5% . Interpreting HUD Stats - KieHa Poker

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Poker HUD Stats Glossary & Meanings January 11, 2017 6max Poker , Full Ring Tables , Online Poker , Poker Articles Comments off 4632 Views 1 Your poker HUD is an amazing tool – but with so many stats to choose from (and even more available in the popup) they can become quite confusing. WTSD, W$SD AND WWSF STATS - Online Poker Strategy School WTSD (Went to Showdown) tells you how often villain goes to showdown. If this is very low it tells you that he often folds before showdown and goes to showdown with good hands. Essential Poker Statistics You Need to Know Essential Poker Statistics You Need to Know ... You can be almost certain that if you go to the flop, he'll raise postflop. So play tighter than usual with this player. But when you do get a premium hand, and he comes along, you can be sure that player B will put plenty of chips into the pot. Your pot, hopefully. ...

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Poker Stats for Holdem Manager, stats, hud stats, stat ... (This stat is written wrong and it should read flop Continuation bet raised Pot.) ... Went to Showdown: Poker HUD Statistics - Poker Copilot User Guide - 6 Went to Showdown (WtS) This is a measure of how often you were still in the action when the hand went to showdown. Showdown occurs when the final round of betting is complete and at least two players are still in. The formula for calculating WtS is: Went to showdown % = (times went to showdown) * 100 / (times flop seen) Won at Showdown (WaS) Poker Statistics - Internet Poker Game Stats

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The CoffeeHUD focuses on splitting up stats into their pure parts--preflop stats are split by effective stacks; post flop* Note that this statistic is available for a different depth bubble then others: 0-13bbs; Update 9/17/13 - Limp Trap (LTR) stat only records instances when the hand goes to showdown. What Are The Best Poker HUD Stats? [2019] | BlackRain79 -… Went to showdown percentage is a very important poker HUD stat that I use quite often.For instance, they might fold too much before the flop, call too much after the flop or go to showdown too often. There are very clear counters to all of these mistakes which make them pay dearly. Showdown Poker Club Центр покера в центре Праги. Центр покера в центре Праг. Soft for Poker. Optimal Poker Stats.