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The 2005+ slot sensor allows for the sensor to be placed in multiple MAF housing sizes, extending the horsepower range. The sensors react quickly to changes in variables, making them far superior to the 1996-2004 factory mass air flow sensor. PMAS Quality The installation of a slot style sensor requires the mass air wiring connection to be changed. pmas maf | eBay

PMAS slot-s - PMAS Steel Flange for HPX Slot Style MAF ... PMAS Steel Flange for HPX Slot Style MAF Sensor There are numerous advantages to going with an HPX setup, and if you're using this on a car before the 2005 Mustang, you'll need this aluminum flange to install the HPX MAF Sensor onto any size tube you'd like... with a little bit of welding. On 3 Performance 05+ Slot Style HPX Maf Kit On 3 Performance is stocking the new style 05+ HPX slot style maf kits to run on your 87 – 2004 Mustang in a blow through application. This kit will come with the HPX slot meter, your selection of steel or aluminum flange, as well as the pigtail to wire it in. Help with installing an HPX slot style - blow thru maf ... Help with installing an HPX slot style - blow thru maf -RB25. Post by godzilla_753 » Fri May 30, 2014 10:35 pm . Hello, I have an rb25det neo s2 that I would like to run a HPX maf in a blow thru setup. I bought this: IMG_20140530_160714 by godzilla_753, on Flickr IMG_20140530_160659 by godzilla_753, on Flickr

PMAS Billet MAF housings will fit FORD, NISSAN, GM, and aftermarket slot/cartridge style MAF sensors. Housing is machined from 6061 Billet with a great looking and protective finish. Stepped MAF ends for secure mounting. Limited lifetime warranty. Housings do not include MAF sensor. Call 1-855-827-7223 for more info.

Kit includes Professional Maf Air System's HPX slot-stye maf and your choice of stainless steel or aluminum weld-on maf mount flange. Great for converting supercharged or turbo applications to a blow-thru style maf configuration or guys looking to replace their stock maf and extend their range. Best Mass Air Meter for Turbo Set-up | It was the older "non-slot" style maf, the type that has the shape of an OEM 99-04 Meter. Unfortunately I'm sure its out of warranty. I picked it up used and it worked for only a few weeks. I've been doing research and have it appears that the pmas hpx slot style maf in a 3.5in tube would be a good option for me. - The Standard of Mass Air Meters! Pro-M Racing : - Wiring & Accessories Mass Air Meters Air Filters Fuel Injectors Meter Repair Meter Recalibration Sensors Fuel Supply Calibration Sheet pro-m, racing, ford, mass air meter, maf, mass air, sensor, meter, pro tube, pro flow, pmas, prom racing, mustang, chevrolet, Pro-M 80, slot style, a9l, computer, Pro-M EFI MAF Flange Adapters - Treadstone Performance Engineering Inc. MAF Mass Air Flow Adapter Pipe, Nissan, FORD and GM, Hitachi Style. Very common Hitachi Slot Style MAF Mass Air Flow Adapter Pipe for Nissan, FORD and GM vehicles. Fits many applications; Nissan GT-R, Spec V SER, FSI, Golf, Jetta, Audi, GTi, and various Ford and GM vehicles.

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Re: Transfer Function for Slot Style MAF in 3" pipe Post by stout95 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:59 am I have the pmas hpx blow through 3 inch. i have the cd and maf transfers looking for them ill post as soon as i find it. but with your mods i dont see you ever pegging it. i run it in my 95 turbo car and have not pegged it.

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Vérifiez si cette pièce est compatible avec votre véhicule. Contacter le vendeur. Modifier VMP 5000 / VMP HPX 05+ Slot Style MAF Sensor The VMP brand HPX MAF sensor will support 600+RWHP in a 3" tube. Some other sensors will peg at 400-500RWHP when used in a 3in tube. Our sensor is recommended for high horsepower blow through applications. This is an 05+ Ford slot style MAF. This is a direct bolt in for 05+ Fords, older cars will require a flange and pigtail (sold seperately on this website). Pigtails and adapter harnesses can ... What is the best slot style MAF meter? | The VMP HPX is an OEM Slot Style MAF that is modified. They work great. The SCTBA5000 is great too. I got a BA3000 from Lethal years ago, and it has served me well. ...

Hey guys, i just recieved my new PMAS MAF meter, and it comes with a new 6-pin connector, but no instructions to install it. There is a makeshift wiring diagram, but it doesnt really tell me anything. HPX slot meter install on a Fox body, IAT wiring question ... I'm in the process of wiring in my HPX slot style meter and I had a question with regards to the IAT portion of the wiring. This is in my 1979 Ford Fairmont with Holley Systemax Upper and lower intake and Ponydown Stage 3 turbo kit with MP T70 .96A/R Should I wire the IAT portion of the pigtail on the HPX meter or use the "stock" IAT sensor in #5 intake runner? PROJECTB5 — STK - SINGLE TURBO KIT Browse all products in the STK - SINGLE TURBO KIT category from PROJECTB5. ... PROJECTB5 - HPX/Slot-Style MAF Flange $ 32.00. ... PROJECTB5 - HPX MAF Sensor Connector ... EFIDynoTuning • View topic - 05+ Slot style MAFs (Fords) Every maf sensor will measure proportionately to housing / pipe size no, the hpx is a high flow slot a stock slot meter is used on everything 05+ theyre all the same you can buy the sensor off ebay from massairflow4u for $16 I get them from my local pull a part for $10 with the pigtail